Spring is finally here!

Good afternoon everyone! It’s a gorgeous Spring day here in St. Louis, about 73 degrees and bright and sunny. This is the weather I love! I had lunch with a friend of mine and we ate outside. It’s great to bask in the glorious sun. 🙂

I also have some news to share. I had submitted some of my work for Bead Review 2, an annual publication showcasing a year’s worth of exceptional beads. I’m very excited to say a set of lace beads is in the book. I’m so happy about it and the book is fabulous. For more info, go to www.artofbeadmaking.com.

It also looks like I’m finally going to start on my home studio. We’re planning for it to be in one corner of my garage, 6 x 8 ft, enclosed space. Finally, I’ll be able to torch for more than 5 hours a week. 🙂

Things are beginning to gear up for the 2nd Annual MO Bead Retreat. Held every May, this year it’s twice as big and we have some fantastic vendors donating items. It floors me the generosity of people. Think that’s about it for this update. Remember, Lost is on tonight. Don’t miss. 🙂 Take care everyone!


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