Last day of April…

I’m a last-minute-sorta-gal. I like when deadlines are semi-close because creatively I work better that way. Yesterday I applied in two art shows that need pictures and such… it had to be postmarked May 1st. I hadn’t even taken pictures at that point! Yeah, that’s cutting close. Then, I participated in a bead exchange and they had to be shipped by May 4th. Again, a little close but not too bad. I keep telling myself I need to stop this last minute rush but it never happens! LOL…

So I mentioned earlier that this week’s auction will be focal-oriented. Well I changed my mind. I’m a woman… I have the right to change my mind! 🙂 It’ll be a Think Pink on Ebay. Why pink? Well you can’t tell by my colors I use for business but my absolute favorite color is pink. All shades of pink. 🙂 Followed by the combo of blue/green/chocolate. 🙂

Hope everyone has a great day! I think I’ll go an enjoy this beautiful 89 degree weather. I had no idea we were in July already… 🙂


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