Hi everyone! How nice it was to get back home from San Francisco and find the weather nice and warm! My short trip to visit family was way too short but well worth it. I got to visit my grandma who has been in home care for almost a year. She will turn 96 this year (on New Year’s Eve no less) and unfortunately is in beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. But she’s still sharp… recognizing family members and still say her prayers. I’m very thankful that she is still with us.

When we weren’t at the home care, my cousin took us around. Napa Valley was gorgeous. Seeing miles and miles of vineyards was spectacular and the views were breathtaking. We also took a drive up the ocean coast and viewed the million dollar homes. Did you know that Robin Williams lives in San Francisco? I had no idea. 🙂 I also talked the family to go to the Legion of Honor and art museum. The architecture is fashioned after the Louvre in Paris. It even has a glass pryamid in the middle! I was really interested seeing the French Jewelry, a special exhibit that is there through June. Oh my gosh… the jewelry is stunning. There was even a butterfly pendant with actual diamonds as wings. Not set diamonds in metal but huge hunk of faceted and etched diamond!

Oh and food. Since my cousin lives there he knows all the good places. It’s so nice to find good, authentic Asian food. You don’t find too much of that here in St. Louis. Not to mention it was cheap!

If you’re interested in seeing pictures of my trip, you can find them here! They are mostly group shots but there are a few scenic shots in there too. If you can’t tell, I’m the tallest one. 🙂


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