ARGH… what to do!

As many of you know I’m a FT graphic designer. I’ve been looking into purchasing a new Apple laptop. I’ve always gotten the “i” series in terms of computers… an iMac, an iBook… I’ve never splurged on the top of the line (because in 6 months, it’s obsolete!). Unfortunately, Apple downsized the size of the screen to 13 inches and I’m not sure if I can live with that. So either live with the MacBook 13 inch screen and $1299 price tag or get the MacBook Pro, 15 inch screen and $1999 price tag.

On top of this, I would like to get the new Adobe Creative Suite 3 but that costs $1799 (yes I know outrageous). So I could be spending nearly $4000 all together. The reason I’m thinking about this is because in August, Missouri has a tax-free holiday for all school supplies and this includes computers. I was going to buy one last year but I was out of a job and pretty broke, no sense in spending my savings.

I’ve got about two months to decide. Oy…


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