Fall is almost here! I didn’t spend it outside, instead I was in the studio torching, preparing for Glass Galore. Soon though (hopefully in 1-2 months) I’ll be torching right at home! Woohoo! Also, I went to Maryville University to drop off my pieces for the exhibit. They were busily taking things down of the last show and will put up the Alumane Exhibit this weekend.

And of course, with fall here, that means baseball is soon coming to an end. Last night I went to one of the last Cardinal home games of the season. I love the Cardinals. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid, when I watched games with my grandma. However, it’s such a disappointment, to see a great team take a such a downward spin this September (okay yes, the Cards weren’t that great this year period). In August, it seemed like we were back in the playoff hunt, but too many injuries and non-existant pitching led to the downfall of the World Series champs. My friend and I ended up leaving in the 7th inning even though the game was still 3-2. It’s probably a good thing we left because Houston scored three more runs. Sadness… The only two good things was the weather was gorgeous and I had customary turkey leg. I love those things. 🙂

Have a good evening guys!


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