Name that Bead! Or set…

I joined a group blog called Flaming Hot! where lampwork artists can share their thoughts, give tips & tricks and relate the little quirks in the world of lampworking. Today’s topic, Naming Sets.

I was recently asked by a friend of mine (and a fellow lampworker) why I name all of my beads. For me, I have practical reasons… it’s easier for me to keep track of inventory.:) But I also do it for fun! A good name invokes a feeling or can take you somewhere. For example, the focal below is the first bead I made in the Aegean Artifacts series, named because of the deep cerulean blues mixed with the rough, organic background. I even knew the name as I was making the focal (I wish names would always come that easily).

This focal was recently chosen to be used on the St. Louis Lampworkers Society postcards and posters for Glass Galore. The woman who chose and designed the marketing collateral mentioned to me, even though she had never been to the Aegean Sea, she felt like she had been there. And that was just looking at the picture!

I have a tendency to assign names to my bead styles, then use a separate name to describe a certain color combo. Also pictured here are my Zen nuggets, named for the raking technique I use. The ‘secondary’ name for them is Sweetie, for color combo of baby pink, magenta and white. I make these Zen nuggets in all sorts of different colors so having a separate name helps me with custom orders. If I’m really lazy I’ll just assign a proper name. That happens a lot. 🙂

Of course the hardest part is the actual name. When I do hit a mental block, I start cruising through websites. Anthropologie is a favorite of mine. Also thumbing through books and magazines are great sources for inspiration. I do have to say, out of the entire beadmaking process, this is my least favorite activity. Next to cleaning beads. 🙂

Everyone have a fantastic weekend!


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