Studio Update!

After the first week moved super fast, last week moved at a much slower pace. After the walls were framed, the electrical guy came in and added 3 outlets along with the light switch. They also finished drywalling the ceiling in the main part of the garage (a section had been left open so the guys can access the ventillation area easily). Also, the ventilation was installed, but unfortunately at a much lower CFM than I expected.

Originally we had talked about the fan being ceiling mounted right above my workbench, pulling air at about 600 CFM. Having it about 4 ft above my work space wasn’t a great concern; the room was small and would be pulling a great deal of air. When it was installed though, I discovered the CFM was only 160. Do you hear the warning bells? Mayday, mayday… too low!

When I called my contractor, in a teensy weensy panic mode, he offered a very reasonable explaination. If you look at the picture, the ventilation fan and heating/AC unit are very close to each other. If both are on, the 600 CFM fan would be pulling the heat/cold out of the room as soon as it was blowing in. Ah ha… good reason. But it still leaves me with a problem. We’ve discussed using 8-10″ metal tubing to make a vent closer to workbench, maybe 2 ft above the work area, and a higher CFM fan. I haven’t tested the ventilation though with the match stick method because of course… no walls! 🙂

The last of the inspectors are coming today then they’ll immediately drywall, spackle and leave it to me to paint the interior. Which reminds me… I need to pick a color. Should it be Tropical Tide or Surfer? Hmm…

Everyone have a great evening!


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