Studio Update! – Day 3

How funny. I was looking through my previous posts, I didn’t realize I had been talking about a home studio since last December! LOL… Well, I’m closer to my goal. 🙂 As you can see, everything has been drywalled and taped. My car is making a small appearance.

Next pic… paint! I was kidding with some friends I was going to melt a paddle of Bullseye Deschutes and take it to the paint store to match. I thought it was a bit bright for the walls, so I actually found a Behr paint color very close to ASK Tribal Turquoise™. The table is pretty high, about 40″ inches. I’m using a drafting chair that I can adjust for that height so it’ll be perfect. My torch will be where the box is. 🙂

Then last pic for now… the outside! The box in the lower left is the Heating/AC unit. Near the peak of the roof is where all the fumes vent out. The fan itself is mounted in the studio ceiling so the draw will be strong. The contractor will still build a hood to bring the air flow closer to the torch area. That’s it for now… more pics to come! Hope everyone has a great day!


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