Tips Tuesday – Networking

Today on Flaming Hot, it’s Tips Tuesday! So my tip is always look both ways when crossing the street. Oh wait… it’s supposed to glass related. 🙂

Okay… so my tip for this week is Networking. A great website I recently joined is Talent Database, a comprehensive talent search engine and artist directory. I’ve only been there for about a month and I’ve just been featured in the Fashion Channel.

The Talent Database is a way to connect other artists and enthusiasts around the world. You can create a bio and even build your portfolio. To network, you just simply bookmark other talent or leave acknowledgements. There’s something called POP factor, which brings your listing to the top of the list for a larger audience to see. Also, they just recently added a Crafts Channel, so if you just make beads and not jewelry, the Crafts Channel is a good place to start. Talent Database so easy to use and best of all, it’s FREE. (I’m starting to sound like a commerical.)

Another way I network is that I usually wear one or two pieces of jewelry I’ve made. When someone compliments it, I mention that I’m a glass artist and give one of my business cards. I always carry a big stack with me because you never know when the opportunity will strike. I hope these hints will help you to stand out in the crowd. Everyone have a fantastic day!


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