Studio – Complete!

The day has come… my studio is complete! Construction started September 26th and finished November 14th. I would have moved in immediately, but I had two shows that weekend. The St. Joseph’s Boutique was a success… the Lake of the Ozarks bombed if you had read my previous post.

Anyways, in the above pic, I’m standing just outside the door. The room is 7 x 10 sq ft with 8 ft ceilings. The lights are 5 halogen bulbs @ 50 watts, which casts a nice bright light and most importantly, true colors. The table itself is draft height, about 40 inches from table to floor. It kinda freaked be out being that high (had to buy a drafting chair) but I ended up loving it. I don’t have to bend over and throw out my back while working on a project.

Stepping further into the room, a closer shot of my work area. Just to my left is all my glass so I can just reach over and pull what a need. There’s also two boxes of shorts next to the glass storage. The picture on the right is behind the work area. In the green neon baskets are all my enamels, frits and other miscellanous glassy items.

The stuff on the table I haven’t organized yet. I run my oxycon, extra light and temp radio from one electrical outlet. I have three outlets total so I don’t blow any fuses. πŸ™‚ Also, you can just see my heating/AC unit so I can torch comfortably all year long!

Another close up shot. I have all my presses within easy reach and also some pretty cool mandrel holders my friend Tamara made me for 1/16th and 3/32nd mandrels. I think I need some in 1/8th and a 1/4th… hint, hint. πŸ˜‰ Also, a close up shot of all the glass I’ve accumulated over the 4 years I’ve been torching. The longer rods are Bullseye, then I have rest of glass segregated by ASK, CiM, R4, Vetrofond and Moretti. That’s not much is it? I don’t hoard glass… not at all…

As you can see, I have my propane box sitting outside. I still need to paint it, but it’s been too cold and quite frankly, I’m a little lazy to do it. LOL… There’s no bottom, instead it sits on two concentrate blocks so there’s room to breathe.

And the last shot (tired yet?) I’m standing about halfway down the driveway. Our garage is very deep so there’s plenty of room in the garage for my car or a future SUV. LOL…

In the end, I’m very happy with the location of my studio. There was several options available to me… the basement, a shed in the backyard, but I decided the garage. The only place in the basement I could have torched and have the proper ventilation/safety was right below my bedroom, and I felt uncomfortable with that. The shed was more expensive than building in the garage. I even entertained the idea to rip out the existing deck and having an enclosed patio but that would have cost thousands!

I love, love it! I’ve already made a few beads, and they were all for a charm exchange I’m participating on Lampwork Etc. And for a bit of karma, they are affirmation beads with the chinese symbol for harmony. πŸ™‚ I’ll have pics up in the next few days. Take care everyone!


2 thoughts on “Studio – Complete!

  1. I love your studio pics. You have given me new ideas for a studio. I live in Florida and torch in my garage for now. Sometimes it’s so ungodly hot and humid I can’t even breathe. I need to ask you though, how does your exhaust work?Thanks, Debbie

  2. Hi Debbie! Glad I gave you some inspiration! The exhaust is pretty simple… the fan is mounted in the ceiling and metal tubing is focused right above my torch. I just flip the switch by the door (worked with the contractor on this). It then vents up through the attic then outside though a vent in the roof. If you do a tag search for studio, you’ll find the progression pics. πŸ™‚

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