Affirmation Beads

I mentioned in an earlier post the first beads made in my new home studio were affirmation beads with the Chinese symbol for Harmony. I had to make 15 total, and it was a definite excerise in stringer control to get symbols to come out just right. I re-did three of the pink beads because they were just horrid, horrid. In my eyes anyway… LOL.

The colors I used for the base were all Morretti: 348-Light Turquoise, 260-Bubblegum Pink, and 213-Grasshopper Green. I’m loving the creamy spring-like hue of Grasshopper which is brand new to the Moretti line. Bubblegum Pink happens to be an odd lot, and I adore the color… not too bright but sort of an earthy pink.

The symbols and florals are done in Vetrofond 93064-Black, one of the truest blacks I’ve found. One of the many corals I owned (I’m not sure which one!) was used for the center of the florals.

I still need to clean them before I wire wrap them and add some gemstones. Next on my plate is working on the hometown charms for which I still have no idea what to do!

Happy Monday guys! Or try to have a happy Monday. 🙂


One thought on “Affirmation Beads

  1. Nice blog, Melissa! I don’t know how I missed it before. I’m totally envious of your beautiful new studio. I’d been missing seeing your work in the LE gallery, and now I guess I see what you’ve been up to.

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