Tiny Beads!

Check out these little sweeties… the smallest beads I’ve ever made with decoration. I can fit two of them on a dime. πŸ™‚

Christmas is just right around the corner, and I think I’m finally in the holiday spirit! LOL… I had been so busy with shows for the fall and winter, Christmas totally snuck up on me. One of the things that really helped is a Stress-Free Secret Santa exhchange that I’m participating in on Lampwork Etc. Basically, people posted what they would love to have for the holidays (didn’t have to be glass) and someone would sent it to you… secretly.

I’m in awe of the generosity of people who have never met in person, but know each other well online. I got an amazing array of goodies, from new glass, chocolate and get this… over 15 lbs. of polymer clay! Even though the post office was mad house yesterday, I sent 10 packages worth of goodies. πŸ™‚ Tonight, I’m gonna bake some cookies. Nummy! Everyone have a fabu evening!


One thought on “Tiny Beads!

  1. Hey Cousin,Got the web address from your mom. Cool things you are making. I wanted to get into glass blowing but was too scared to get injured with the kiln. I would like to see some of your work in person. See you in Vegas. Bring some of your art work.Your cuz,bernie

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