Aegean Artifacts Revisited

I revisited one of my favorite type of beads, huge 1-1/2″ lentil focals in the Aegean Artifacts series. I really enjoy how the mix of blues, greens and bronzes come together to look like it came from some ancient, lost city. This particular bead is probably the longest I’ve ever worked on ONE bead… 1-1/2 hours. Most of that time was spent on striking the blue R4 glass by turning the propane really high for a rich-reducing flame. I constantly went back and forth and I was happy with the result.

In other news, I finally got the check from the Rock n’ Roll Craft Show. The delay was mostly due to the bank not releasing the money… totally out of RRCS 4’s control. Anyway, I was shocked at how well I did! I had an idea of how well, but I did $200 better than I did at RRCS 3 last year. YAY! πŸ™‚

Everyone have a Happy Friday!


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