Know your glass!

Last January 13th, I managed to torch for 6 hours (not straight) and I was super excited when I made this bead featured on the right. I had used a new press, the Special Nugget from Zoozii’s, and one of my switchback canes. The only problem when I pulled it out of the kiln? Incompatibility cracks everywhere. What happened? I know I used the Vetro Super Dark Pink… oh wait!

*light bulb goes off*

This is the Kugler Pink, a 96 COE. I bought this color at the GAS Conference when it was here two years ago in St. Louis. I thought it was the famed Arrow Springs Kulger (ASK) Passion Pink, a 104 COE, which is very popular and hard to find. I never labeled it correctly and it had mistakenly added to the 104s when I moved into my studio. *sigh* So…

Tip of the Day: Label glass rods with an Ultra Fine Point permanent marker. You can write it along the side of the rod, and it will burn off in the flame. No more sticky labels that leave a film on the glass and can potentially catch on fire.

Have a Good Sunday everyone! It’s hard to believe that January is almost over.


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