Tidbit Thursday ~ Petal Puller

First off… Happy Valentine’s Day! I wish I had some cupcakes to share with you (real ones), but I do have a few in my Etsy shop. Feel free to drool. 🙂

So, it’s time again for Tidbit Thursday! *insert theme music* My intention for this segment of the blog is to offer my experiences in glass, tools or business and what works for me. Over the Christmas holidays, I was gifted with a small Karen Leonardo Petal Puller. When I first saw this tool, I knew exactly how I wanted to use it. The idea developed into my Gerbera Pendants pictured a few posts back.

I probably practiced for about 15-30 minutes, trying to figure out how to pull a good petal. What I found is by letting a ball of glass drip down, then pinching with the tool, I didn’t get much excess glass on the sides. Also, it helps if you don’t get ball of glass too soupy or the middle part of the petal becomes too thin when you make a petal.

What Rocks:
• uniform and neatly pulled petals.
• versatile, can be used in floral and leaf designs.

Things to Consider:
• petals need to be kept warm or else you run the risk of cracking them when you attach to the base bead. The instructions recommend using a coffee warmer to keep the petals nice and toasty.
• don’t pinch too hard or the middle part of the petal will be too thin.


One thought on “Tidbit Thursday ~ Petal Puller

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