Something New and Fresh…

Once I fall in love with a design, it’s all I make for a few torching sessions. After two pendants cracked, I was even more determined to make the Gerbera Series work. And yes! Success! I love, love carnelian glass and for me, it’s one of those un-sung colors out there in glass world. I dusted off the frit and used it as well. I also think I need another oxycon… it’s hard to keep the heat even on such a big piece. It’s up on Etsy. πŸ™‚

So tonight I’m heading for the gym, the 2nd time the last 3 months. I used to be very vigilant, exercising three times a week. I so slacked off because I had quite a few shows last fall/winter. But gah… right now I feel like a lazy slob. My goal is get back to my previous almost-toned weight of 145 lbs. Ideally, I would like to be 135 lbs., but I’m a tad addicted to pasta for that to happen…

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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