Seriously… can it please be Spring?

I tell ya… our weather is INSANE. On Sunday, I took advantage of the gorgeous 70 degree weather and spent most of my time out instead of torching. I went over to my Aunt’s house and helped move our new, sleek glass table (glass! heehee…) to our place. I got out the lawn chair and hung out on the porch. I was very close to hauling out the charcoal and grilling a few steaks.

And not even 48 hours later, St. Louis gets slammed with the biggest snow storm! This morning I went to work, not a snowflake in sight. Not even 30 minutes later, the snow came… and came… and came. By the time 2pm arrived the snow was as high as my tires! GAH… The above picture is a shot of my neighbor’s car semi-buried. I’m really done with winter… bring green grass and gorgeous flowers!

Actually it would be better if it was May so I can bask in the sun over at the Lake of the Ozarks. Hmm… better get to bed. Night!


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