Just One More Shot…

This week’s topic on Flaming Hot. The necessary evil – pictures. Selling online requires glass pictures to be seen and felt. It’s hard work! Tell me about your pictures. Blog it!

Next to cleaning beads, taking pictures is right there at the bottom of the list. I use a Sony DSC-92, 5 megapixel camera, however, I would like to upgrade to a digital SLR camera. I want the greater detail and sharpness, plus better control over the F-stop, speed and white balance.

But I digress. So back to my little Sony camera. After two years of experimenting with the camera settings, lighting and different backgrounds, I finally happy with the final product. But first, some of my miscues.

July 2006
Oh blech. I’m actually embarassed to show this, but these lace beads were one of the first pictures I showed on Lampwork Etc. Bad lighting, under-exposed, not in focus this poor picture just needs help… ASAP.

July 2007
Hmm… not too bad. Colors are true (BTW, is it spring yet???) and it’s in focus. I did switch to a grey background that I printed myself. But there’s still something off…

February 2008
Victory! I changed out he background again, this time I printed a black to white gradient on glossy paper and it made a HUGE difference. Also, I’ve started to add an organic element to all my photos which I love. Now if I can cut down the 100 pictures I take per session. LOL…

This doesn’t mean I don’t use Photoshop, because I use it quite often to color correct photos. However, I do get my truest colors when I’m outside, and it’s nice and sunny. The covered porch works great because it diffuses the light. When it’s too cold though, I grab my photo tent kit I purchased at Creve Couer Camera for about $119. I’ve tried many DIY lighting solutions and the pictures always, always looked crappy to me. Or it could be because I’m so anal-retentive. 🙂

TGIF! Have a good weekend everyone!


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