You Made that Again?

And why not? 🙂 I usually don’t make jewelry for myself, but when I first made this pendant, I fell in love with the color combo. The soft turquoise, spring green and pale yellow is so subtle and so well… me. 🙂 Recently, I post on the Welcome to LEST blog posed a question about colors and how, as artists, choose them. This was my answer…

I’m afraid I can’t tell you why, because it’s a deep dark secret! Kidding… 🙂

Anyways, I’m inspired by just looking at the glass. I love pulling out one glass rod, then picking out complimentary colors to go with it. It’s a hit or miss sometimes.

Also, I gravitate toward earthy tones instead of bright colors. I’m currently on a Effetre Grasshopper kick because it’s such a fresh, spring color.

And truly, I’m inspired by many things. Flipping through magazines. Nature. Geometric patterns. Food… like cupcakes. LOL… Ah… the weekend. I have a full plate lined up and will hit the ground running at 8:30-ish… mainly because I have a dental appointment in the morning. Have a nice evening guys!


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