Resin Addiction

I think I made too many. LOL… I scored a bunch of bottle caps from one of the 3rd Degree Friday events. Then Artmart had 80% off clearance items. Score! I even included pieces of switchback canes and floral petals in some of them. A few sets are sale in my Etsy store so please check them out!

Also, I just got back from SCOSAG Wall Ball. I didn’t know what to expect since I had never heard of the event, but it was… in a word… AMAZING. During this event, SCOSAG gathers over 40 artists and each artist produces a painting live, right there on the spot. The work that was produced in five hours was awe inspiring. What’s great as well, you can approach the artist and talk to them about their work, their process or what inspires them.

Most of the night for me was spent torching and it felt great to introduce lampworking to a new audience. The only problem was the food trays kept ignoring me! LOL… Didn’t they know I was starving?! Thankfully a volunteer came by and asked if I needed anything. Umm… yeah. FOOD! πŸ™‚ The stuffed mushroom caps were particularly good…

Everyone have a great Sunday!


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