Etsy Spotlight ~ Verre Encore

Today marks the first time for me to feature an Etsy artist! Since I’ve begun to sell on Etsy, I’ve found such an amazing group of talented artists. All of us want to live the Etsy life… create fabulous handmade items and enjoy our crafty, creative outlets. Today, the spotlight turns to Lynsey of Verre Encore. I’ve actually been scoping out her goods for awhile and when I saw this pendant, Always Greener On Your Side, it was in my shopping cart before you can say “River Rock glass for only $8 per 1/4 pound!” Inside joke for flameworkers… heehee…

Anyways guess what… she’s a glass artist! Not in the flamework sense, but Lynsey works with enamels, which is the process of sifting finely powdered glass over a copper base, then firing each piece in a kiln. Talk about hot stuff!

Give us the 411 about yourself.
I just turned 24, and am living in the lovely (& desolate) Illinois countryside. I graduated a few years ago with a degree in psychology and studio art. After graduation, I decided it was time for self-exploration outside of academics. During this moratorium, I worked as a waitress, which paid for my travels around Europe. Then I began taking classes in silversmithing and enameling, and I fell in love with the art. I saved my money to purchase my own kiln and jewelry-making materials, and now find it hard to leave my little studio. I’ve recently been accepted to a Masters program for Art Therapy Counseling (for the next two years), and hope I’ll be able to continue creating new enamel jewelry.

What’s the story behind the name of your business?
VerreEncore is French, meaning “GlassAgain”. Enameling is an ancient art, but many of the techniques used in enameling were invented or perfected by the French. So I found it fitting for my business name to hold on to those historical roots of the art. Verre meaning “Glass”, and Encore meaning “Again”.

How did you get involved in your craft?
While traveling I was able to see all types of beautiful art, craft, and jewelry. In Paris, I fell in love with artisans’ work in enamels. I took classes and have since dedicated all my time to honing in and improving my skills. I love the transformations, colors, textures, and challenges that enamels present. Enameling is such a beautiful and finicky media. No two days are ever the same in the studio. Slight variations in kiln temperature, humidity, outside temperature, thickness or type of enamels are a few of the variables that affect the day’s worth of work. It’s overcoming all these challenges and creating a successful piece for myself and others to enjoy that draws me back to create day after day.

What inspires you?
A lot of my work is influenced by my love for history and traveling, but overall I’d say my biggest inspiration comes from everyday appreciation for colors, forms, and objects. I love to examine and make ornamental pieces with rich colors, intricate layers, delicate curves, geometric forms, and silhouettes of common images.

Beside your craft, what other activities do you enjoy?
I enjoy just hanging out with my family and friends; maybe a good cup of coffee or glass of wine, but always a good conversation and a laugh! I love being outdoors, traveling, and experiencing new things. Art-wise, beyond enameling, I really enjoy painting, drawing, and sculpting.

Can you give any advice about selling on Etsy?
There are a few bits of advice that I find especially helpful for selling on Etsy. Good product and pictures are a must. People aren’t there to physically see or inspect the item, so they need you to have well-lit, interesting shots from a variety of perspectives. Tagging your items correctly also helps. While searching with key words, items will only appear if they’ve been properly tagged. Just be very specific with your choices. If your necklace is green, add specifics about the green. Is it bright? Dark? Forest? Kelly? Mint? Olive? Listing often helps too as your item is at the top of the list. It allows people browsing through the categories to find your product with ease. While there are many more bits of advice, these are an important three.

Favorite movie/book/music?
I can’t pick just one movie; My favorite movies are Tommy Boy, Amelie, Talladega Nights, Little Miss Sunshine, & My Blue Heaven.

Favorite book is “Yes Man.” It’s a wonderfully inspiring read with great comedy as well!

I’m always listening to music. I mostly listen to independent alternative, folk, electronic bands, but also have classics on hand. Right now my playlist is: Hot Chip, Muse, the Bird and the Bee, Fiest, Air, Thom Yorke, the Fratellis, Mika, the Shins, Foo Fighters, & Queen. (An eclectic mix)

In ten years you’ll be…
In ten years I’d love to be a practicing art therapist busy helping others. I’d love to continue to grow and develop as an enamellist too. But above all, I pray to be healthy and happy. And maybe if Mr. Right-for-me comes along… we’d be happy together.


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