Cheezburger good. Thanx, bai.

Little mischievous kitty. She got stuck in my duvet cover and when she tried to jump off the bed, she couldn’t figure out why how to get out. Did I help her? Nope… I whipped out my camera instead. LOL… I might submit this to I Can Has Cheezburger, a fun lol cat website I’m obsessed checking every other day. If you’re down and need a quick laugh, I highly recommend it!

So this last weekend I had every intention to torch, but the weather turned cloudy, deary and a chilly 40 degrees. 40 degrees?! I think my bead mojo went to hibernation. *sigh* Anyway, I’ll get back in the groove this evening while teaching at 3rd Degree, and I grabbed my small collection of frit for the students to play with. I’m not much of a frit user, but I’m slowly starting to ‘break out’ of my usual norm. Just what I need… another ‘glass obsession’. heehee…

Time to tackle the GS thin mints… *munch, munch*


One thought on “Cheezburger good. Thanx, bai.

  1. Hey Villa! I’ve taken to your comment on Lampwork etc. about visiting others blogs & commenting!! I popped in here and HAD to respond to this silly cat picture. LOVE it. I’m a dog person but really love all animals…cute, loyal and silly…whats not to love right?

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