Chocolate Stands

Remember as a kid, during the summer time, you would have a pitcher of fresh lemonade, a stack of paper cups and a bright cheery smile? Remember the excitement?

I sure do! This time, instead of lemonade, it was chocolate! And with me… you can’t go wrong with chocolate. πŸ™‚ I drove down my street this past Saturday coming home from the grocery, and there were a group of 5 kids who shouted as I passed by. My window was rolled down all the way so I heard them clearly. Slowing to a stop, a little girl came up to my car and said excitedly, “Would you like to buy some chocolate?” I’ll paraphrase our conversation below.

Me: “Do have change for a $5?” *hands her the money*

*another girl frantically gets me change*

Girl #1: “We have Caramel, and the Crispy Rice, an Almond one… Chocolate Truffle…”

Me: “Well… the chocolate truffle will be fine.”

*they run to get it for me*

Girl #2: “Here’s your change!”

*Girl #3 hands me the chocolate*

Me: “Thanks you so much guys!” *I drive away*

Girl #1: “Ooooh… that was our 2nd customer!”

How can I not drive away with a smile? πŸ™‚


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