Obsession #64

My obsessions come in phases. I’ll sit down at the torch and maybe make 15 gerbera daisies in a row. (Not the focals! LOL) Or, I’ll make 3 dozen resin magnets. Then I get a yen to play with PMC. My lastest?

Folding paper boxes! Besides hoarding glass, I also hoard paper. I have a huge stack from several years ago I haven’t used. Lately though, there are so many cool patterns and graphics I can’t help it and listen to the little voice in my head that says… “Buy me, buy me!” (or maybe it’s yelling). I was in Michael’s one day (dangerous place, you go in for one thing and buy 7 things) and spotted one of my favorite fabric lines, Amy Butler as expanded into paper and other scrapbooking materials. Aren’t these boxes yum?! I’ve folded them down to 4″ x 4″, with a depth of 2″. Roomy enough to hold some beads. πŸ™‚


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