I’m determined…

To lose all the weight I’ve gained back. 😦 Gah… I’ve become such a slacker. I haven’t exercised as diligently or eaten as healthy as I should be. I haven’t really noticed because I’ve been wearing floaty loose tops with jeans (super casual workplace). However, those size 8 pants from Banana Republic just don’t fit and my jeans, though fitting alright no longer need a belt. *sigh*

So it’s back to gym three times a week for me! Time to enjoy the farmer’s market. And time to start cooking for myself and not to eat so much processed food! Goal for the end of the summer? To lose 5 pounds. Doable? Of course! 🙂 By next summer, I should be back in those size 8 pants, and maybe… just maybe, a size 6?! 🙂

Take care everyone!


3 thoughts on “I’m determined…

  1. I’m totally in the same boat! All of my clothes are getting tight, and there are some things I can’t wear anymore. I don’t want to buy new clothes! I’ve been working out again too and trying to eat healthy. Maybe we can help motivate each other!

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