Must Resist the Heat

Or at least try to! 🙂 Last weekend, I finally dared to try glassblowing… in 90° degree weather. Oh man was it ever a scorcher. I have a new found respect for the guys that do this full-time. The punties were heavier than I thought and the thinking of that dripping hot glass at the end made me semi-nervous. I’ve burned myself bad on a 1/4 mandrel… can’t imagine my entire hand!

And check out the paperweight I made below! They use Spectrum 96 in the hot shop, so I used a little bit of transparent green frit. The way I pictured it, my paperweight looks like some sort of radioactive egg. LOL….

Have a good evening guys!


4 thoughts on “Must Resist the Heat

  1. I am so jealous! (I’m a glass fuser and one of the frustrated artists at MySLART – been following your blog ever since.) That looks like fun.I’ve wanted to get to 3rd Degree myself, but my lack of time and money has conspired against me. Cool paperweight.

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