I’m Officially Insane!

Last year… 2 shows.

This year… 5 shows.

Yep… I’m insane! LOL I’m adding St. Louis Artist Boutique to my list of fall/winter shows! It’s held at Kirkwood Community Center and will be November 1 & 2 from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. both days. Here’s a bit from the website…

This event brings 60 exciting local and national artists to historic Kirkwood to help you celebrate Fall. Today, the variety of items one can expect to see at a typical show includes paintings in several mediums, hand-made jewelry, flower arrangements, pottery, wood, metal, dolls, fiber and other very unusual and interesting crafts.

So just in case you don’t always read my blog that’s…
Crazy Autumn Art & Craft Show ~ October 16 ~ SqWires Restaurant, The Annex
St. Louis Artists Boutique ~ November 1-2 ~ Kirkwood Community Center
Rock n’ Roll Craft Show ~ November 28-30 ~ 3rd Degree Glass Factory

When I’m I gonna create?! When will I screw my head back on when it falls off?! Is there a cupcake in the near future??? LOL…

Happy 1st of October everyone!


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