It was a Crazy Autumn!

Fall finally arrived Thursday evening for ShowMe Etsy’s first sponsored craft show and it was a great success! The pics above were taken toward the end of the evening. People came after work or from around the neighborhood to check out everyone’s wares. For those who attended the show and are visiting my website for first time, welcome!

So, what’s on the agenda today… unfortunately, that would be cleaning. I’ve got craft supplies spread out everywhere in my room, the guest room and downstairs. Not to mention I have to get out the fall/winter clothes and switch out. How can it be 80 degrees one day and 60 degrees the next?! Crazy weather. LOL…

Everyone have a fabu Saturday!


3 thoughts on “It was a Crazy Autumn!

  1. I so wanted to be there! I am in Farmington, but I did get a chance to visit your booth at the Kirkwood Comm Center last month. I am hoping to be there for the Nov 1 &2 Artist Boutique!! Love your work!

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