Bead stuck? Just use the hammer

I learned a new tidbit today which I can’t believe it worked! I made some glass rings (3 on a mandrel) for the Artists Boutique this weekend and try as I might I could not remove them from the mandrel. I soaked the mandrel overnight in water. I stuck it in the fridge for a few hours. I even ran over to Glasshopper Studio to use their vice grips in hope it would work.

*crash and burn* No such luck. Blah! But then a friend at Glasshopper suggested use a hammer. I gave her the strangest look. “Uh?”

“No seriously,” Katie said. ” Take your mandrel and hold it vertical against the concrete floor, then use a hammer and hit it at the end. The reason why it works is because the vibrations caused by the hammering loosens the bead release.”

Uh. Okay. Vibrations. I admit, I had my doubts. But everything else had failed so why not? So home I went and grabbed a hammer and went to the garage.

*whack, whack, whack* A Piece of release fell.

*whack,whack, whack again* There goes another piece.

Hmm… this may actually work. So after hammering the end about 15 times I tested it by trying to twist one of the rings… OMG it worked! It was loose!! *whack, whack, whack* After about 8 minutes or so, I managed to remove all the rings. Woohoo!

So there you go… if your bead is stuck, just hammer. It works. 😀 The pic above proves it! LOL…. Hope y’all have a fantastic evening! I should really be in bed…


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