Loving the New CiM colors

I’ve recently bought some of the new CiM colors and totally dig the color palette. They’ve come out with so many new colors the past few months, it’s hard to keep up! In these atomic-style beads, I tried out the new Kryptonite, Crocus and Lapis for the base of the nuggets (the last one on right is Vetrofond Key Lime). The first two are such a gorgeous opal-like color, but neatly saturated. If that makes sense. LOL… A light, minty green and sweet lavender color. Pulling either of them in stringer form doesn’t change the opaqueness of the color at all. The Lapis is such a dark, midnight blue that leans toward purple and goes so well with any color.

I LOVE how CiM really fills in gap in the typical lampwork color palette comes out with gorgeous new colors, that stay consistent. Granted, I do love the odd lots, but at least I know I can always get these colors when I need ’em. 🙂

Everyone have fantastic evening! Watching NCIS and The Mentalist tonight. 🙂


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