Whew! That’s done!

Oh wow… it’s been ages since I’ve done a two-day show and I was completely wiped out! For those that are visiting my website and/or blog from the Artists Boutique, thank you for attending the show and welcome! I had a lot of fun, but a tiring weekend. There was a constant, steady stream of people who attended and despite the economy, purchased a lot! I think it really helps to have a good price range and clearly marked items. Though, I think I need to make my signs bigger since a number kept asking me the price. Oh well… small lesson. 🙂 And, I really had to laugh at the number of people who flipped the back of the Capsula (bottlecap) pendants to check out the brand I used. heehee… seriously, I didn’t drink all of it.

So since Glass Galore, I made a few cosmetic changes to my table, and I am finally happy with the results. I draped the base in black velvet, then spray painted the crate and earring display black. With the black necklace stands, it all ties together nicely. Right next to my printer drawer, I have a digital frame with pics of me torching, studio, beads and jewelry. It also scrolls my artist’s statement and credit information. 🙂 *cha-ching* LOL…

Alright… must sign off, I have charms to finish and I must pack for my trip this week. Non-stop action in my world. 🙂 Everyone have a fantastic evening!


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