Blackberry Tartness

I bought two packs of blackberries the other day because they were super cheap… like $1 cheap. Okay… so now I have the blackberries, but what do I do with them now? All the recipes I found seemed laden with sugar and butter… GAH! I’m trying to eat healthy here. LOL…

Someone on LE (thanks Karen!) why not a peasant tart? It was so easy and seemed to be what I was looking for. All I need was:

• pre-made pie crust
• corn starch
• splash of lemon juice
• bit of vanilla extract
• sprinkle of sugar

I mixed the corn starch, lemon juice and extract with the blackberries, then poured the contents in the middle of pie crust. Then I folded it in and added a sprinkle of sugar around the edge. 375 degrees for 30-45 minutes and it’s done! I brushed it halfway through with a bit of egg because I wasn’t happy with the non-browning aspect. Note to self… use more egg. 🙂 Otherwise, it came out great and SO good. It was just sweet enough for a dessert but not too heavy. I’m gonna try this again with other fruits… oooh peaches would be good!

I’m off to torch! It warmed up today,if you call 40 degrees warm. LOL But when high never past 20 degrees, 40 seems balmy. Have a good day guys!


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