Pot of Gold…

Maybe I should rename my blog Musings of a Cupcake Addict. Pictured here is the Jilly’s special a Pot of Gold… a chocolate cake filled with Andes mint chocolate. Anyways, it was fabulous to go out on Saturday and hit as many stores as I could… I went to to 5 total… Ashley Furniture, Ethan Allen, Crate and Barrel, Arhaus, and Intaglia. Most of these are very high end places and I soon found out soooo out of my price range. But I did find this bed and this chest at Ashley. I think the other places I’ll go back for room inspiration, especially Arhaus… that place was absolutely amazing.

Also, in between running around from place to place I stopped by Nadoz Euro Bakery + Cafe, over at The Boulevard St. Louis. I’ve always wanted to try their offerings, and had the most amazing and delish savory crepe called the Jasmine. It was filled with herb grilled chicken, baby spinach, pepper jack cheese, cilantro pesto and spicy curry cream. Still thinking about it. Wonder when I can go back… LOL

And speaking of food I’m out the door! I’m meeting some friends for a St. Paddy’s Day breakfast. 🙂 Have a great one guys!


One thought on “Pot of Gold…

  1. LOL, Musings of a Cupcake Addict! I have to admit, that Pot o’ Gold cupcake looks delicious, even to this chocoholic who doesn’t like mint with her choc. Hey, I like the bed and chest, too.

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