Making Bead Caps…

Wow it’s April already?! I swear this year is going buy so fast. I’ve kept myself busy… last weekend I visited a friend of mine in Chicago and had my authentic deep dish pizza fix. We went to this fabulous little cafe near her house called Taste of Heaven. Oh my the breakfast was sooo good… a huge fluffy omelette filled with portobella mushrooms spinach and cheese with a side salad. Becky, Venessa and I also stopped by Andersonville Galleria… a cute little shop she’s in.

Anyways, just before I left, I used two packs of PMC to make some big-hold bead caps for my focals… I think I made enough. LOL… I love the texture of these, and I even got some amazing colors from the patina. Colors like blues, purples, greens and even pinks.

Well, I’m off and running today! Celebrating a birthday with family, then attending Wall Ball @ Third Degree Glass Factory this evening. You can watch me demo from 7 – 11 p.m. 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone!


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