Blondie Going Green

The red room is offically gone. YAY! I love red, truly. Maybe one day I’ll paint an accent wall in red, but I switch out accessories often enough that it was time to go with something neutral for the bedroom walls. Grey goes anything. 🙂 I went with medium grey called Anonymous from Behr, and absolutely l love it!

So what am I talking about blondie going green? I really am referring to my desk. Though very sensible and looks excellent against the grey (remember I’m going for the modern theme here) I wanted a pop of color against the other neutral tones I’ll be bringing into the room. So I went from the blonde wood desk…

To this yummy pop of green called Thyme, again from Behr. The prints on the table are from a fellow Etsy artist Yellena. I’ve adored her prints for the longest time and as you can see have a nice collection going. 🙂


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