Silver Glass

And what am I supposed to do with this??? LOL… I normally melt rods between 6-8 mm, the biggest I’ve used are 10mm. This glass rod came in at a whopping 16mm! I think if I warm this up with my minor torch it’s going to explode right in my face. 🙂 Aah well… I guess I’ll make some frit. 🙂 This came from Rocio Studios when they were having their 1 lb of silver glass for $25. Normally, a 1/4 lb runs $25, so I stocked up on some amazing mixes.

And if your curious about the wonders of silver glass, check out one of my older beads. Silver glass, depending which one you get creates a fantastic depth of cercualeans. I’ve contemplated selling this one, but nope… I’m keeping this sucker! Have a fabulous Saturday! I’m off to the grand opening of ArtSpace at Crestwood. 🙂


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