Sneak Peek ~ CiM Adamantium

First off, I have to give a big thank you to Kathy of Creation is Messy. It didn’t seem too long ago we were talking about the need for good olive green and a non-reddish brown. She has once again come through for us lampworkers and added some fabulous colors to the CiM line up! She also sent me a small sampling of each of the new colors… Thank you Kathi!

So when the box arrived, I of course immediately had to play and *sigh* so lovely. The Adamantium (heh, heh, Wolverine) is the ideal brown if you’re looking for a cocoa color. Think rich chocolate. Not at all red-toned like some of the other browns in the 104 palette. In the above pictures, I deeply encased Adamantium and added some silver foil.

I have samples of the other colors as well, Tamarind, Commando, Olive and Phoenix. More of those in the coming week!


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