New CiM colors ~ Mink, Poison Apple, Mermaid

There will soon be 3 new colors added to the CiM glass line: Mink, Poison Apple, Mermaid. I had a chance to test these colors out before they are released to the public and love them. It’s amazing all the new colors CiM has come out with this year, and it keeps getting better and better. My first impressions:

Poison Apple ~ This is a bright juicy green that sorta reminds me of Lifesavers candy, but more saturated with color. It works very smooth and melts like butter. It doesn’t react with silver which can be a good or bad, depending on the look you’re going for. This also stayed mostly opal for me after annealing the beads in the kiln.

Mermaid ~ When I first saw this, I immediately thought… “Oh my goodness, they duplicated ASK Tribal Turquoise.” Tribal Turquoise was produced by Arrow Srprings and Kugler (ASK). And I must say, it’s pretty close. Mermaid is about two shades darker, but it’s a beautiful shade of opaque teal. There are streaks, which I do like especially when working with organics. This color also does not react to silver.

Mink ~ It’s a toss up whether this color or Mermaid is my favorite out of the new colors. This does stay opal-like after annealing which I do love and reacts great with silver. You can see in the leaf picture the the silver reacted with a light blue haze. I’m very much on a earth-tone kick now, probably because it’s fall.


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