New Silver Work

The more I work with glass, the more I wanted to incorporate my work with traditional metalsmithing. So earlier this year, I enrolled in a semester long metalsmithing class at St. Louis Community College. The last time I fired up a torch (for non glass purposes of course) was over 9 years ago from Maryville University and so needed a refresher course!

Lately, I’ve moved on from using brass presses for my glass work and moving to more ‘traditional’ methods of shaping with basic tools. I had it mind to make glass cabochons and set them in silver bezel. I love silver. Always loved silver. It’s clean… it’s modern. I wanted something that would show off the glass.

The ring above is one of my first pieces that I completed. A tornado-style cab with vintage-inspired elements. I hand-cut the scallops for the ring and made a simple bezel using a special filigree wire. A bit of vintage details with a modern twist.


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