CiM Zachary + Bluetini

In late December, Creation is Messy (CiM), came out with two lovely shades of blue to add their growing color palate. Why has it taken me so long? Well I had run out of propane in early December. Then there was snow. And the 8 degree temperatures. And there was a myriad of other things that cropped up.

Needless to say, it was just about 2 weeks ago when I finally changed out the propane tank and started to torch again. 3 months! I didn’t torch for 3 months! The biggest break I’ve ever took! I believe I needed that ‘mental break’ so I can feel refreshed and tackle new projects. Anyways, here are some work (finally) that I’ve created with the new CiM colors.

Zachary– This is a lovely shade of baby blue, that is very similar to Moretti’s Periwinkle. When you wrap it in silver foil, Zachary becomes a metallic golden yellow. I don’t mind this per se because I like an organic look in my work.

Bluetini – Love. this. color. It’s a beautiful shade of transparent teal and it melts like butter. I found it’s easy to push around and manipulate the glass with my brass tool. The encased layer is pretty thin, but the teal is so saturated you don’t need much to have such a rich shade. Gorgeous… gorgeous…


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