Holding Hands Bracelet

I’m happy to share with you all a special collaboration I’ve been working on the past month with My Mommy Manual, a website that helps busy moms with practical and inspired tips. On August 25th they will be holding a special virtual baby shower for an expected mom, Virginia Kerr, the anchor on Channel 4’s early news show, Awake.

Interchangeable glass charms have become very popular, and I created a glass charm exclusively for them! Making base bead… easy. Doing the stringer control to “write” the holding hands symbol… not so easy. I haven’t practiced stringer control for over a year and it took me 6-7 tries until I proved victorious! I’m so happy and excited how they turned out, and I hope you will too. I’ve done very few pandora-style/big-hole charms for bracelets, and I’ll have more to add in my Etsy shop.

If you are interested in the information about the baby shower, click HERE. Otherwise, to purchase, the Holding Hands bracelet, click HERE. A limited quantity of 30 will be available August 25th, during the baby shower.


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