New Creation is Messy Glass ~ Azure & Atlantis

Creation is Messy (CiM) is coming out with four new colors in March! First up for review… the blues. Azure is a super intense transparent aqua that is a very rich, saturated hue. In rod form, it’s very close to CiM Pulsar, so I recommend labeling which is which if you have both colors. Holding it up to the light, I could not tell the Azure and Pulsar apart.

However, once melted it was easy to tell which was Azure. I’ve been on a cabochon making craze, and found it easy to melt. Azure also doesn’t react to silver foil or wire. Score!

Atlantis is appropiately named. The teal color is remaniscent of the clear cerulean waters that is found off the coast of Key West.

As is with most CiM opals, Atlantis is a bit stiff. The color is very true in rod form when you let the bead cool before putting in the kiln. However, if you hit certain spots in the flame, then quickly put it in the kiln, the color turns lighter. You can see the color change along the bottom portion of the right cabochon. The silver foil turned a bit yellow but the silver wire didn’t react. A one-time thing? Not sure.

For tomorrow, a review of Appletini and Rainforest!


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