New Creation is Messy Glass ~ Appletini & Rainforest

Hmm… Appletini… Mojito… Bluetini… I’m sensing a drinking theme here. πŸ™‚ Appletini is a bright, fresh green that leans closer to yellow… sort of like a Granny Smith apple. It’s great for Spring, and the silver foil muddles on the surface… hiding the true color of the glass underneath. The Silver wire left light trails in the glass when melted, which is a nice effect. I really liked it with frit and it melts very smoothly. Easy to manipulate as well!

Rainforest… there really isn’t a dark green shade like this in the 104COE world. For some reason, the color came out a lot darker then what is depicted on the CiM website. Which is strange, because in rod form, it’s close to the picture. Anyways, Rainforest reacts in a similar fashion to Atlantis, when you let the bead cool then put it in the kiln… it becomes darker. Hit your bead with the flame and put it in the kiln quickly, it turns several shades lighter. The silver foil does not become muddled (that tiny spot on the plain cabochon, I burned the glass). A very gorgeous rich dark green that is a nice addition to the CiM palette.

Stay tuned… I’ll be reviewing another CiM Adobe! It’s a limited run which is a shame, it might just be my favorite color of all.


5 thoughts on “New Creation is Messy Glass ~ Appletini & Rainforest

  1. I'm dying to know, when will Adobe be available? Or did I already miss it? I've been stalking the Frantz website and I don't see it on there.Thank you for your color reviews, they are very helpful!-Patti

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