New Creation is Messy Glass ~ Adobe (Limited)

It makes me sad that this color, Adobe, is a limited run. Cnce this color is gone, it’s gone. Soon to be a distant memory. It will go down in glass lore, like Streaky Pink or River Rock. Just maybe. Who knows right?

In any case, out of the all the new colors that Creation is Messy (CiM) is releasing in March, this has to be my favorite. CiM might classify this as a neutral, but I call it a stunning earthy coral. An opaque coral that is not at all juicy bright orange like typical Moretti corals, but warm inviting light coral color that pretty much goes with anything.

As usual, I tried it out with the silver foil, silver wire and frit. I adore it. I definitely need more of it. The foil becomes becomes metallic after coming out of the kiln. The glass rods themselves are smooth and easy to melt.

CiM, I hope in some way this can be permanent color. I would LOVE this to become a permanent color. Like Dusk. I wish that lovely transparent grey was a stock color as well. One can dream. πŸ™‚


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