Missouri State Buttons

If you follow my Twitter, you might know that tornados swept through St. Louis County and hit my town, Maryland Heights particularly hard April 22, 2011. I happened to be at church when the tornado hit, and it tore the steeple off the church. Thank goodness no one inside was hurt.

I was worried going home seeing the destruction around me. Would I even have a home to go back to? What about the neighbors? Thankfully, my area spared. But there were others, people I know, that were not so lucky. Trees fallen on homes or no homes at all. Maryland Heights was hit with an F3 tornado. Bridgeton was hit with an F4 tornado. There was destruction everywhere and many need help.

So what can I do? I decided to make these… Missouri State pin-back buttons. The 2-1/4 inch buttons are $2 each and 1 inch buttons are $1 each. 100% of the Missouri State buttons sales will go to those effected by the storms.

I’ll have these available at all my shows and possibly some shops. So far I’ve raised $110 at Indie Craft Revolution last weekend, and will have these at Tower Grove Farmer’s Market this weekend, May 7th.


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