Paper Lantern + a Contest

With Art Outside just a little over 6 weeks away, I’ve been working hard to improve the over all look of my booth. I started to make a lantern to hang up in my booth… a 8″ inch paper lantern covered in coffee filters. What’s funny, I used less hot glue sticks then I thought (only 5) but used way more coffee filters.

The question is… how many coffee filters did I end up using? The one closest to the correct number will win a Skeleton Key Pendant, similar to the one below. Contest ends Aug 1st. Start guessing away!

HOW TO ENTER (You may enter each way one time.)
1. Leave your guess and email in the comment section below this post.
2. “Like” Villa Design on Facebook and post your guess in the comment section of the Paper Lantern photo.
3. Post a link on Twitter with your guess and this contest page. ( Include the hashtag #villadesigncontest


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