Studio Tour

Fusion recently highlighted the studios of their artists and I wanted to give you an in-depth tour of mine. The first pic is my semi-clean workbench where I create my glass beads. I keep the glass rods to my left (since I’m left-handed) for easy reach and I’ve added tiny shelves that hold frit and enamels.Remember, one can not have too much glass. 🙂

Left: See that black box thingie behind my beyond the half-melted glass rods? It’s my DVD player… I have a some sort of noise in the background. The extended versions of Lord of the Rings work great! Top right: My unused electoforming kit… need to make more acorns soon. And in those green baskets? More frit, silver foil and tubing. And a random coffee warmer. Bottom right: Close up of the magnetic boards. I used spice jars to hold the enamels and magnets to hold pouches of frit. The super strong magnetic strip is actually meant for the kitchen and is from the holy place that is IKEA.

I used to think there was no way I could fill this studio. Now I think I need more room. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Studio Tour

    • Hi Linda! That is actually my glass bead kiln. 🙂 When I complete beads on the torch they ‘soak’ in the kiln at 960 degrees and I slowly bring the temperature down. It’s about an eight hour process.

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