Those dreaded “Production” beads…

Ever get tired of making the same thing over and over again? It kinda gets boring. It kinda gets to be a pain. It kinda becomes a dreadful chore.

And that’s when you know, you have to play. About two months ago, I felt that way. I was so tired of making those “production” beads that torching became one of those things I put off. I knew that I just had to play to get back in the groove and ENJOY what I was doing.

I spent 2 days just experimenting in the studio and not really caring what came out. I didn’t care I only made 3 beads during a torching session. (When I’m really focused, I can probably crank out 30-40 beads). I spent a day practicing stringer control something I hadn’t touched in 2 years. I got out River Rock, one of those “untouchable” glass colors because it was a limited run production and you can’t get it anymore. I played with silver glass from Double Helix, another thing I hadn’t touched in 2 years. (I still have 1/2 pound of Terra purchased way back when)

Those 2 days were the best. It helped me to be inspired and fall in love with what I was doing. And I came with up new styles. 🙂 I glass bead above came out of that 2-day play session. I love what I do. And I love what glass can do.


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