The Top 5 Rules when Torching

There are a lot hazards when torching, and I had one of those experiences the other day. Sometimes, when you are melting glass, the rod will snap off because either it’s been warmed too quickly or there is an air bubble through the rod.

Well it snapped off… and landed on my hoodie. This prompted me to post on twitter and facebook about one of my rules of torching… WEAR cotton clothing (hot glass sticks to plastic, such as polyester). It sparked a conversation, and I’ve decided the share with you my top rules… things I’ve learned over the 10 years I’ve been working with glass. I also asked some of my glassy friends what their top rules are, and I’ve shared them below. Enjoy!

My Top 5 Rules When Torching

1. Never touch a hot mandrel. You’ll lose all feelings in your fingers and have scars.
2. Have an aloe vera plant handy for burns.
3. Roller chairs are your best friend.
4. Wear cotton clothing AND no low cut tops (hot glass down the shirt… not fun)
5. Have long hair? Pull it back in ponytail. You know… so it won’t catch on fire.

• NEVER pick up the piece that just flew off the punty!!!!
• Always wear your didys (eye protection).
• Never confuse your drinking glass with your dunking glass.
• Check and double check your bead release lid BEFORE you shake.
• Make sure your fire extinguisher is within arms reach. 🙂
• Ventilation.
• Always lay the used rods down with the “hot” end away from you!!!
• Fingernail polish truly is “Flammable”!!
• Make sure dunking glass is not plastic
• Silver leaf should be on something non flammable.

Personally, I find the drinking + dunking glass one hilarious.


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