Spring Fling


Vintage crazy like me? You will want to check out Spring Fling in the City, which will be hosted in North City’s Crown Square. Happening on May 10, 2014 from 10-4, it’s virtually a vintage smorgasbord featuring more than 60 local vendors in addition to highlighting Crown Square businesses and restaurants. Who knows, I might have found more vintage suitcases and cameras by then. 😉


Vintage Market Days

The spring event of Vintage Market Days has come and gone, and once again I had a grand time! Well… after I got my car out of the mud. 😉 With the torrential downpour days before the event, the grounds were super soaked, and I’m so glad that I had an inside booth!  I didn’t have a chance to run around as much to view all the lovely goodies, but I did get a few things. And resisted quite a few more. For more photos, check out my Facebook page!

VMD_03Of course, I’m attracted to turquoise. 🙂 And any kitchen ware just slays me.

VMD_01Love these “trapped” frozen charlotte necklaces!

Craftoberfest Hangover

It was the good kind of hangover. 🙂 The kind of craft show delirium when an insane crowd just packed it in a fantastic setting and enjoyed all what the evening had to offer. There was no doubt in my mind the crowd was 3 times of what it was last year. 🙂

Craftoberfest is one of the few night-time handmade + vintage markets out there… perhaps the only one? Besides the various vendor offerings, there was the delicious beer from Urban Chestnut, yummy snacks from Strange Donuts and music from Beth Bombara, a group that definitely got the crowd dancing.

I may sound like a broken record, but I had an amazing time. I truly feel St. Louis has a special indie craft scene that can’t be beat.

If you want to view more pics of the event, just head over to my fan page on Facebook and take a sneak peek! Oh and one observation? There was a lot of guys there as well… I guess the temptation of beer brought them in. 🙂


Vintage Market Days


Hello. 🙂 It’s been quite a while blog. I will fully admit it’s hard to keep up here with running my own business, Villa Design, and Fusion (with two amazing gals). I’m better with small, quick updates on FB and twitter, so if you haven’t yet, please follow me there!

In any case, over the past weekend, Sept 20-22, I participated in the first St. Louis Vintage Market Days. I had hoped it would be a good show, after all, who does not love vintage? It turns out, it was beyond my wildest expectations. The crowds just kept on coming, to the point that the driveway was backed up 90 cars deep.

Not only only that, my fellow vendors were so much fun hang around with! I only had brief moments to run around and check the goodies, here you go, filled with my random thoughts. 🙂

I have also have to give a huge shout out to Chanda for bringing Vintage Market Days to St. Louis. The little touches for vendors, such as banners, name tags and mason jar drinks made the event special. Oh, and I may need Todd’s chocolate chip cookie recipe. 😉

Shades of Blue
 is run by Rachel and small world! She’s actually in Wood Icing, which is just two doors down from Fusion.

Rusted Nail Designs is the niece of the organizer and again, small world goes to Maryville University! (which I graduated from eons ago)

Red Posie Vintage. Definitely need to check out their shop in St. Charles.

Rescued Furnishings. They were across the bar. We might have both freaked out about the baby kittens.

I also managed to come home with some treasures. I haven’t quite figured out how to display them yet, but will tackle it next week after Strange Folk Festival. If you want to see more photos, go to my facebook page.

Meanwhile, I’m prepping for Strange Folk Festival this weekend. I ran out of a few things. 🙂 Happy day!